Urgent /Emergency repairs

Emergency/urgent repairs are generally those that could cause injury to the tenant or damage to the property, and may include:

*Water pipes have broken or burst Blocked

*Toilet broken toilet (if a second toilet is not available)

*Serious roof leaks

*Serious gas leaks

* Dangerous electrical fault, dangerous power point, loose live wire etc

*Failure or breakdown of gas, electricity or water supply to the premises

*Fault or damage that makes premises unsafe or insecure

*Hot water service failure on a weekend

*Fault likely to injure a person, cause damage or extreme inconvenience

*An emergency does not include locking yourself out. It is a tenant’s responsibility to contact a locksmith at their own cost.

SES/ Fire Dept/ Police

*Flooding, rainwater inundation inside the property

*Serious storm, fire or impact damage (i.e. impact by a motor vehicle)

Water Consumption Payments

Subject to the conditions of your Residential Tenancy Agreement, you will be invoiced for your water consumption. You will be required to pay your water consumption account using the same method you pay your rent. Water consumption accounts are to be made within 14 days of you receiving the invoice, otherwise a breach notice may be issued

Communication During the tenancy

The majority of communication with our office during your tenants will be done via email, and or sms, this includes invoices for water, rent reminders, routine inspection notices, breach and termination notices. It is a tenant’s responsibility to ensure the agent is supplied with any change of email address, work place and phone numbers. Please ensure obyrne.net.au is a safe sender on your emails and regularly check your junk mail folder for information.

Changing Locks

Tenants can only change the locks at the rental property providing they have written consent and a duplicate key is given to the landlord or his agent.

Routine inspections

The main purpose of regular inspections is to provide the owner  a report showing that you are caring for the home, and to also check for any repairs and make recommendations to the owner about the general condition of the property. You will be notified via email of when an inspection has been booked. To ensure the inspection is hassle free, please refer to the cleaning guide that will accompany the inspection advice email. Following these guides will assist you in ensuring the home is in an acceptable standard. Should the property not be in a satisfactory condition a breach notice may be issued. The inspections are carried out approximately 6 weeks after the commencement of tenancy then every 3 months.Why do we take photos – Taking photos of any repairs required, a photo of the grounds front and back and, where possible, internal areas to show the owner the general condition. It is policy that we try to avoid taking photos of tenant possessions.

Rent Reviews/ Increases

You should pay attention to the ‘Rent Increase/Review’ clause of the tenancy agreement. This will state if the rent is to be increased or reviewed during the term of the lease and how.

A minimum of 60 days written notice of any such increase will be given in accordance with the requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act.

Lease renewals/Extensions

Provided you have always paid your rent has on time and the home has been kept clean and undamaged, the grounds well maintained, the owner is normally happy to continue your tenancy.

You will be offered a renewal of your lease. Once you have been offered a new lease it is important that you communicate in writing (email preferred) as to whether you accept the renewal invitation or you wish to vacate.


Should you receive any mail addressed to someone other than you or the other occupants, please forward this mail to O’byrne estate agents as soon as possible.

Zero tolerance policy for late rent

Owners will ONLY approve Applications if they are confident that you will pay your rent on time, every time. Some tenants still get behind in their rent. As we do not know who this will be when we sign tenancy agreements, you were advised of thezero tolerance policy for late rent payments when you were applying for the property.  If you are going to be late paying your rent for any reason, please contact your Property Manager prior to the due date.

Late payment policy

3 days late – we will send you an SMS reminder

4 days late – a breach notice for non-payment of rent will be issued

Note: These breaches are recorded on your tenant history and can jeopardise future tenancy applications

EVICTION may follow if the problem is not fully remedied! On occasion, some tenants are continually late with payments. If a tenant is consistently behind despite consistent reminders and breach notices, we would need to recommend to the owner that the lease not to be renewed. The tenant will then be required to vacate the property at the end of their lease  and a poor rental reference be supplied to any new owner/agent.

Tenancy Database Checks

The National internet Tenancy Database is a collection of tenancy information on an internet website lodged by real estate agents, mostly regarding tenant default action like property damage, outstanding moneys and eviction. When agents are processing application forms, this database is also cross-checked. We are confident that should an agent checking an application find tenant default details lodged; the application will be promptly declined. So we urge all of our tenants to ensure they pay their rent on time, keep the property clean, maintain the grounds and ensure the tenancy is finalised satisfactorily with no moneys left owing, to avoid an unfortunate lodgement of their details.  Please email your property manager at any time during you tenancy should you have any queries to bring to the owner’s attention.

Lost or misplaced your keys?

During business hours

If you find you have misplaced /lost your keys during business hours Mon – Fri 9am-5pm, you may come to our office, provide photo ID and borrow the office set. Failure to return the borrowed keys to the agent’s office within 2 working days, may result in a locksmith being employed to attend the property to cut an entire new set of keys. The cost for this will be the tenants responsibility.

Outside of business hours

If you have misplaced/lost your keys after hours, you may call a locksmith to assist you back into the property. This is at the tenants cost. IMPORTANT! If you try to gain access to the property and cause damage doing so you will be in breach of your tenancy and will be responsible for any costs to rectify/repair the damage. This may cost more than it would have to have a locksmith attend.

Property damage

If property damage has occurred or maintenance is required you are obligated to let us know as soon as practical. Please note delaying reporting damage or maintenance could cause the matter to worsen adding extra costs to the repair. If this should happen you may be liable for the extra costs incurred. Property damage and maintenance should be reported by email directly to your property manager or on our website  (insert link maintenance form).

If the matter is urgent or an emergency during business hours phone our office OR an emergency contractor if after hours.

Do you have to take care of the home?

YES – When you applied and signed your Residential Tenancy Agreement you agreed to:

Ensure the property is kept clean and in a well-cared for state throughout the tenancy.

INSIDE TIPS: Clean all areas regularly then you don’t have to rush or panic when you are due for a routine inspection.

*Clean the filters and vents on air conditioners, fans, exhaust fans and range-hoods

*Carry out regular testing to ensure sure the smoke alarms and RCDs (safety switches) are working correctly

*Avoid Mould by keeping wet areas free from soap scum and build up. Wipe down excess water Remove marks from walls promptly.

Note; if a wall is damaged speak with your property manager before patching and painting


Ensure the lawns, gardens and external areas are well cared for and kept tidy throughout the tenancy.

*Carry out regular checks of the reticulation systems and sprinklers (if any) to ensure it is working correctly and set to the correct watering days.

*Hand watering may be necessary during the summer

*Don’t forget lawns and plants/garden beds should be fertilized and treated for weeds regularly

*Regularly weed and trim garden beds and plants

*Paths should be swept regularly

Policy For Late Rent What If I Need To Break My Lease?