At O’byrne estate agents we promise to look after your investment as if it were our own. You can be assured that your Asset Manager will not have a large portfolio, thus ensuring personal service. Our aim is to have a mutually respectful relationship with you, your tenants and contractors.

Advertising and Viewings

• We will list your property on the relevant real estate websites
• We will conduct as many business hours and after hours as necessary until your property has been leased
• We will update you on marketing and viewings at least regularly
• We will return all prospective tenant enquiries within 2 business day’s

Application Processing

• All tenancy applicants will pay the required Option Fee
• All tenancy applicants will be screened on the national tenancy
• All tenancy applicants will be provided with our “Zero Tolerance – for late rent”
• All rental applications will be discussed with you unless you notify us otherwise


• All Residential Lease Agreement will be signed within 3 business days of the tenancy application being approved – unless there are extenuating circumstances.
• Rent and bond monies will be paid by the approved applicant prior to keys being
Handed over

Rent Collection

• We check rent arrears in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987
• We issue breach and termination notices in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987
• Should court action be required you will be contacted throughout the legal process

Payments to You

• All monies received by us will be transferred into your nominated bank account at the end of every month
• You will receive a Rental Statement at the end of every month (providing there has been income)

Maintenance/Urgent Repairs

• All general maintenance and repair requests will be processed within three working days of being received.
• We will attend to any “urgent” repair requests within four hours of receipt.
• All reasonable steps will be taken to obtain the most cost effective price for repairs and maintenance.

Routine Inspections

• We carry out the permitted 4 routine inspections every calendar year in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987
• We will pro provide you with a copy of the routine inspection and any maintenance required

Vacate Notice’s

• We will advise you by phone or email upon receipt of the notice by your tenant
• We will confirm the vacate details in writing to both you and your tenant
• Once you have confirmed the agreed advertising strategy we will list the property on various real estate websites within 1 business day of confirmation.
• We will prepare all necessary vacating documentation and issue to your tenant
• We will arrange viewings during and after business hours

Final Inspection and Bond Release

• We will carry out the final inspection in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act 1987
• We will process the tenant’s bond refund as soon as practicable.
• If deductions from the bond are necessary, this will be communicated to both you and your tenant

Talking To Us

• We will respond to Emails and telephone calls within 1 business day

Having a Problem with a Human?

We are human and errors occur, whilst complaints are rare, all complaints
received in writing will be acknowledged and responded to within 1 business day.