Utility Connections

Utility connections: getting connected It is a tenant responsibility to ensure your power, gas, phone, internet, etc have been connected into your name. If you have already indicated on your application form what connections you would like us to do on your behalf, we will arrange the connection of utility services for you as soon as possible – this is a free service!

Should you wish to arrange connections of yourself, here are some useful numbers:

Power and Gas

Synergy 13 13 53

Alinta Gas 13 13 58

Telephone and Internet

Telstra 13 22 00 www.telstra.com.au

Optus 13 33 45 www.optus.com.au

iiNet 13 19 17 www.iinet.net.au


Changing Your Address

Ensure important bodies are notified of your change of address. Redirection can be requested online www.auspost.com.au or by completing a mail redirection form which is available from any Australia Post outlet.

What is rent in advance, do I get it back?

Please ensure your rent is always paid in advance(the period to come). Some tenants find this concept hard to understand, and some mistakenly believe that the first 2 weeks rent paid is held in trust for use at the end of tenancy, like the security bond. It is important to note the first 2 weeks rent paid is for the first 2 weeks of tenancy (namely the first two weeks you live in the home). Once the 2 weeks is up you then pay for the next time period again before using it.


Tenant contents insurance It is crucial that you effect your own tenant contents insurance. It is important to note that should your goods be damaged or destroyed by circumstances affecting the owner’s property (i.e. fire, storm damage, power outages etc) then your goods and possessions are not insured by the owner. You need to ensure that all your goods are adequately insured and the owner/agent will not be liable for damaged or destroyed tenant possessions.

Property Condition Report

You will receive the Property Condition Report at the commencement of your tenancy. It is important that you go through this document thoroughly noting if you agree or disagree with the comments made. If you disagree you should enter a comment stating why. You must sign and initial the report ensuring it is received back in our office within seven (7) days of receiving it. This is the report that the agent must use when carrying out the final bond inspection, if we do not receive your signed copy the final inspection will be based on the original document.

Note; any comments made on the report will be referred to the Lessor for consideration. The Lessor is under no obligation to accept these.